The One Dollar Home

by Alex Stenback on December 21, 2004

All this is yours for One Dollar. **(maybe)

And who says a dollar doesn’t buy what it used to…
Click here for the listing – this won’t last long.**[Update#2:  Listing Gone]

**[Update: Commenter Duane astutely pointed out that this home is being offered at auction - though 1$ does seem a rather low reserve. We'll blame my missing that small detail buried in the MLS listing on the effects of a mild, food induced coma from our office holiday banquet. Less astutely, Duane plugged all of his Realtor contact info into his comment without asking, which is why his comments have been deleted. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk Duane, but nice catch anyway, even if it did ruin the funny.]

And just to bracket the market for everyone, now that you’ve seen the least expensive home for sale in the state, here’s the most expensive, checking in at almost 9 Million.

Top of the Heap.

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