I’ll Take The Big Gulp Home Equity Loan Please

by Alex Stenback on February 3, 2005

711_superbiggulp_dRemember the Eighties, when Japanese business models were the envy of the world and struck fear into the hearts of U.S. companies?

Today?  Not so much.   In perhaps the final sign that the Japanese banking industry is circling the drain, regulators will likely begin allowing convenience stores (as in 7-11, which first opened a store in Japan in 1974 and now has over 10 thousand locations there) to broker home loans.  Big Gulp Indeed.

Correct us here, but weren’t sketchy banking practices a major factor in Japan’s decade-long economic malaise? 

Convenience Stores To Broker Home Loans [The Daily Yomiuri]

Meanwhile, some U.S. Mortgage Bankers are asking for more, not less regulation.[Mortgages Weblog]

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