Parade of Homes Spring Preview Kick-Off

by Alex Stenback on February 11, 2005

Tomorrow is the opening day of the Twin Cities Parade of Homes Spring Preview.  The annual event is billed, via an absurdly long and detailed press release, as the "Oldest and Largest Parade of Homes event in the country."

Though we like The Parade, it has grown over the years from a simple but excellent showcase of local builders and their homes to an absolute real estate orgy.  The list of events, all designed to whip the real estate-minded public into an uncontrollable home buying frenzy, has gotten a little out of control:  Remote broadcast radio shows, informercial style seminars, sweepstakes, giveaways, and on and on. 

In fact, It has become such a carnival-of-the-absurd that some local communities, sick of the huge crowds drawn by these homes, are considering banning the parade altogether.  Read the juicy details after the jump:

"B. Ordinance Amendment – Parade of Homes – Recommendation to the City Council on adoption of an Ordinance to regulate the Parade of Homes and similar showcase events:

Rick Kut, President of the Home Builders Association of MN, stated that Deephaven is sending a negative message to those coming into the community" snip

snip…"Councilmember Crockett stated that the Parade of Homes Association has gotten greedy to hold two Parade of Home Events in a year…and she has heard from many residents that want it altogether banned…snip"

See the exciting conclusion to the exchange above

Despite all the hype, hooplah, and controversy, for the real estate junkie, it is a must see event.  And just think, you only have to visit about 26 homes a day to see them all.

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