Drama, Intrigue, and The Secret Joys of Gardening

by Alex Stenback on March 2, 2005

Carolyn_burnham_1If gardens get you going, be sure to stop by the Star-Tribune’s ongoing series of garden profiles which feature the winners of the 2004 Beautiful Gardens Contest in (often breathless) detail.  The winners are passionate about gardening, as one recent profilee gushes:

"I put on garden gloves, and I can just feel the energy up my arms"

And if passion isn’t enough, there’s also plenty of drama and intrigue, as the winners share their stories of skeptical neighbors, rock hunting excursions at great personal peril ("every time he comes home alive, I’m thrilled"), horrifying planting mistakes, and family discord:

"I asked our daughter, ‘Would you rather clean toilets or help me deadhead?’

Carolyn Burnham would be proud.

Read her answer, and the rest of the dirty, blooming, flowery details:
·Suburban Oasis, A Garden Profile [Star-Tribune]

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