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by Alex Stenback on March 31, 2005

Portable_toilet_1Today’s gross-beyond-belief real estate story comes to you from Cincinnati, where a couple is suing their home builder for:

"allowing workers to habitually urinate within the home while it was under construction. Said habits were sufficiently pervasive to generate pools of urine within a linen closet never conceived to house a toilet,"

Though the fact that the ‘habitual urination’ did occur (words you never thought you’d read in a real estate blog) is not being disputed, the builder is refusing to release the buyers from their purchase contract.

We’d be pretty pissed off too (yuk yuk,) but this type of thing is a lot more common that anyone might imagine. If you talk to any site foreman, they will tell you (off the record of course) a few good stories about various "gifts" they’ve found in bathtubs, sinks, and all manner of places in under-construction homes.
ยทCouple Sues Home-Builder Over Urine Soaked Walls [Cincinnati Post] 

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