Study: Internet Home Buyers Richer, Smarter, and More Attractive

by Alex Stenback on March 30, 2005

Smarter_2Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are likely among the 62 percent of home buyers who "use the internet as an integral part of the homebuying process."  And as a recent study points out, that fact alone means you are younger, richer, smarter, faster, and more attractive than the "traditional buyer" who has yet to take their real estate pursuits on-line. 

Just how richer, smarter, faster, and more details from the study after the jump [click below]

From the Study:

  • The median age of internet buyers is 39, versus 46 for the traditional buyer  [Younger, arguably more attractive]
  • 9 out of 10 internet buyers are married, versus 8 of 10 traditional [more attractive, to at least one other person anyway]
  • 85 percent of internet buyers have a four year degree, 11 percent have completed postgraduate work, versus 78% and 4% respectively for the traditional buyer [Smarter. Check.]
  • Internet buyers spent two weeks looking for their home, versus seven for the traditional buyer [faster, faster]
  • Internet buyers had an annual income 22.4% higher than traditional buyers [Richer]
  • Internet buyers generally are better liked by their peers and have fewer mannerisms that distract or annoy [OK, we made this one up]

But then there’s this:

"Close to six of 10 Internet buyers said the information that they gathered from the Internet was less useful than that provided by their Realtors; none considered the information gathered from the Internet to be more useful than that obtained from their Realtors."

Which supports a point that we have been making all along.  The internet is a tremendous tool for finding and sharing information, real estate & mortgage related or otherwise, but it can never truly advise you in a way that fits your exact set of circumstances.  For that, you’ll likely need a professional. And if the results of the study are accurate – for the richer, smarter, and faster (this means you,) the place to find that trusted advisor/professional is likely on-line.

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