The New, New Thing: Nigerian Real Estate

by Alex Stenback on March 17, 2005

NigeriaLooking for somewhere to invest all that dough you’ve been hoarding from wire-transfer and bogus cashier’s-check scams?  How about Nigerian real estate?  There’s even a recently launched (and unfortunately named) real estate website to make your search easier. From the press release:

"Searching for properties in the Nigerian real estate market has now been made easy and pleasurable, thanks to, Nigeria’s foremost on-line property search engine.

This takes the stress and boredom off your search for Nigerian real estate, by offering properties that match specifications indicated by visitors to the site."

ยทOnline Marketplace for Nigerian Real Estate Debuts []
Rejected taglines "Deals So Good You’ll Wet Yourself." "Turn Your Real Estate Dreams Into a Golden Stream of Wealth." "We’re Not the Guys that Send the Emails."

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Mr Tope Ajayi March 26, 2005 at 1:37 pm

Dear Alex J. Stenback,
While we believe it is within your rights to say anything you like in this forum, we are extremely disappointed that you have chosen to associate our website with fraudulent activities by Nigerians.

Believe it or not, in a country of 120 Million people, there are those trying to make a living honestly. If we all get blackballed by comments such as yours, we might as well give up.

I do agree that the choice of name is rather unfortunate, but it sits well with our target audience. It is the name for the online engine running the property search functionality for quite a few Nigerian Real Estate websites. The I.P stands for internet portal.

Congratulations on your site, and I do hope in the future you will consider the damage that your statements could make to an honest business before publishing. is a product of Darwin Technologies Ltd.


Darwin Technologies Ltd
4th Floor Okoi Arikpo House
5 Idowu Taylor Street
Victoria Island Lagos
+ 234 1 270 1430, 270 1913, 2616164

Zmajryx June 3, 2007 at 11:50 am

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