Week in Review & Weekend Links

by Alex Stenback on March 18, 2005

Linklube for the Weekend
·Fixed Rate Mortgages Hit 7-month Highs [USA Today.com]
·Ronald McDonald the Donald Trump of Russia [NYT]
·Doors: A Key Selling Point for Real Estate? [Strib-reg. required]
·Impact of Highways on Property Value Explored [RealEstateJournal.com]

The Week in Behind The Mortgage
· The Walker Art Center In Newsweek: New Walker a "very big deal."
· Nigerian Real Estate: The New, New Thing?: Too many jokes…
· Taxpayer Hell II: Joint Ownership: Who gets to deduct what…
· Food & Drink: Eyes Wide Drunk: Local coffee + alcohol trend emerges…
· Welcome Lifehackers: Gawker Media spikes traffic…
· Monday Market Commentary: Rates moving up – how and why…

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