Back from The Masters

by Alex Stenback on April 12, 2005

The promised "cable" internet connection in Augusta was a barely functioning dialup, so apologies to the loyal readers out there looking for a post or two from Augusta.

That being said, The Masters certainly lived up to its billing as one of the top three or four events in sports. But one word of advice:  If you leave the 14th hole in the final round, skip 15-17 to get a spot on number 18 (missing Tiger Woods’ now famous chip-in.) And then come playoff time, head to the 10th rather than staying at eighteen, thereby missing the birdie put that would win the tournament.  If all that happens to you, you will not feel cheated one bit.  Hearing the galleries roar, and then watching the leader board for score changes to further cheers, is as much sporting drama and excitement as anyone could ask for.

We now return to your regularly scheduled Real Estate and Mortgage Blog.

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