Minneapolis FICO Scores: King of the Hill, Top of the Heap

by Alex Stenback on April 20, 2005

Credit_map_1Unless you are a mortgage banker, or have way too much time on your hands, you may have never wondered how different areas rank by credit score.

But than won’t stop us from telling you. A recent article over at MSN Money points out that out of twenty major metropolitan cities ranked by experian, Minneapolis checks in at the top with an average credit score of 705.  Dallas brings up the rear with an average score of 650.

The key to good credit scores, and more credit tips and info from the article after the jump [click below]

The key to a good credit score?  Very obviously: Make. Your. Payments. On. Time.

"The biggest driving factor to a score is delinquency payments or payment history,” says Arlene Dang, manager of analytics for Experian. “The difference between the lower-range states and the higher-range states … is really the number of late payments.”

Lots more good info at the article, Graphic courtesy of MSN Money.
·Best and Worst Cities for Credit Scores [MSN Money]

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