William T. May Cries Freedom, Sues Century 21

by Alex Stenback on April 18, 2005

Braveheart "William Talcott May is the co-chairman of the storied real-estate brokerage founded by his great grandfather in 1866 and inheritor of the New York real-estate dynasty that bears his father’s name, William B. May."

So begins a fantastic piece in the New York Observer, which chronicles Mr. May’s copyright-infringement lawsuit against a Manhattan-based real estate advertising firm.  But that’s not best part of the story. 

The best part of the story is William T. May himself.  The 44 year old "eccentric" real estate magnate is an absolute American original (that only New York could produce,) who at various times:

· Has donned a Scottish kilt to incite a barroom brawl.
· Has been both stabbed and shot by tenants.
· Was jailed for planting six fake bombs at the Newcastle County Airport to highlight lax security.
· Founded a polo club with ponies won in a craps game.

Really, go read the article.  Highly entertaining.
William T. May Sues Century 21 on Ads [NY Observer.com]

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