Googlecrime: Where The Fun At?

by Alex Stenback on May 18, 2005


The superbly hackable google maps has spawned yet another fascinating and oddly mesmerizing application. combines the Chicago reported crimes database with a google map, resulting in an interactive visual database of the criminal activity in and around Chicago.

The best thing about this maphack is it’s organization.  Crimes are sortable by type, location, beat, date etc. etc., which makes it a great tool for neighborhood assessment and true-crime voyeurs alike.  Every city should have this.

Of course, there are other uses for an application like this, which reminds us of a former life, when as a young Navy Lieutenant, we briefed the crew before entering foreign ports on "areas to avoid" (prostitution, gambling, etc.) – This of course had the opposite if its intended effect, arming thrill-seeking young sailors with everything but GPS coordinates to the trouble.
ยท Where the Fun At?

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