Got Real Estate? Got Fired.

by Alex Stenback on May 13, 2005


Passing drivers aren’t the only ones getting hot and bothered over California Realtor Wendy Heath’s latest billboard. According to this article in the long beach press-telegram, the shocking vision above has some local agents "flipping out," and has forced her to change brokerages.  Her former manager really stakes out the moral high-ground, because, apparently, there are some lines that just can’t be crossed, even in real estate.

"Sex sells, but not in real estate," said Rich Rector, manager of First Team’s Long Beach office. "I think it’s going to hurt her business a lot," he added.

But then there’s this. 

Visits to the Web site accessible at and have spiked 400 percent since the billboard went up on May 2.

· Bikini wearing real estate agent sells []

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