Weekend Real Estate Slew

by Alex Stenback on May 23, 2005

If you are not a regular reader of Barry Ritholtz’s The Big Picture, you should be, and this weekend’s series of lively posts on the real estate market is a good reason why.  We’ve linked the posts individually below, and recommend you head over and read up – taken as a whole, this series of posts is a note-perfect summary of the current real estate market and its risks:

· Froth vs. Bubble: On Greenspan and the Real Estate Bubble.
· Comparing Real Estate with Equity Market Capitalization
· Selling a Home: Best Time? Chart-based analysis of the timing.
· Interest Only Loans, 1% Mortgages Are you a squatter?
· Real Estate Blogs: Some of the best (coughwe’rementionedcough)
· How Housing Lowers CPI:  Hot housing market hides inflation?
· Asset Bubble Theory: Bubble risks delineated.
· Playboy Bunny or Real Estate Investor?: ‘Asset’ misallocation a bad sign.
· As Prices Rise, Homeowners Go Deep in Debt: Like Buying on Margin?

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Billy T June 16, 2006 at 8:52 pm

Barry does it again!

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