Freedom! (from Noon to 5.)

by Alex Stenback on June 23, 2005


The Minneapolis Building and Construction Trades Council and supporters break out the lead pipes and bicycle chains at noon today to protest the hiring of non-union labor at the soon to be condo’d Sexton Building.  Says the organizer, Dan McGowan:

"We need to send a message to JJT Development and Regency Commercial Services that Minneapolis and St. Paul provide good-paying jobs, excellent benefits and a highly trained and skilled workforce."

Now there’s a message with some punch.  It’s about time somebody stood up to these scab developers and LET THEM KNOW there are some things we just won’t stand for, and will NOT rest unti…wait a second…was that just a commercial for Minneapolis? 

Never mind, but be sure you get there before five, and wear your hard hat, union colors, and banners.  Not exactly the teamsters strike is it?
ยท Building Trades to Demonstrate Thursday at Condo Project [workdaymn]

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