New(er) Blogs/Real Estate Links: Home Design & Tech, a Wonk, a Virtual Neighborhood, News from the Left Coast, and TC Architecture.

by Alex Stenback on June 28, 2005

It’s been a while since we’ve peppered this space with links to some of the better blogs and real estate related sites we’ve recently come across.  On the other side of the link below are a few recent additions to our daily reads:

Living Home: The Intersection of Design and Technology at Your Home.  Sort of a combination of MoCo Loco, engadget, and lifehacker for the home at this Minneapolis-based collaborative blog/home living magazine.  Good stuff.

AHI: David Smith: A lively, funny, and very wonkish blog dealing mostly with ‘big picture’ housing issues, from affordable housing to the nature of leverage and beyond.  What we really like about this blog is author David Smith’s ability to take even the most insomnia-inducing topics (Soft Debt vs. Soft Equity? Anyone?) and dumb them down for us make them entertaining. A Virtual Neighborhood for Home Improvement Blogs. The name says it all here, and there are four active Minnesota home improvement blogs. Love the concept, and would like to see more Twin Citians (?) blogging their home improvement projects – get over there and sign up. Imagine when you go to sell and have a blog/record of everything you’ve done to the house?

TwinCityScape: Showcasing the Architecture of the Twin Cities Since 1999. Pics, stats and history on many notable Twin Cities and suburban buildings and developments.  A very active discussion forum highlights this nicely done site, where you can weigh in on the latest in Twin Cities development and architecture related topics.

SocketSite: Plug-in to San Francisco Real Estate Trends, Insight and Breaking News.  One of the better left-coast real estate blogs we’ve come across.  Burst onto the scene during the great bubble domain smackdown.

You can find most of these on linked the sidebar, now, or soon, so check back often.  If you know of any other top quality blogs we’ve left out, just email: tips [@]

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