This Ain’t Your Retro Brownstone

by Alex Stenback on June 16, 2005

James_dayton_condosThe Strib today runs a piece on a couple of downtown condo projects bucking the retro-brownstone/gutted warehouse trend, instead going for the angles, glass, and sleek metals that make modern architecture fetishists swoon.

But architectural ‘street cred’ comes at a price, with high-end units at "The Nine," one of several projects designed by James Dayton Designs (and yes, he is one of those Dayton’s), topping 1 Million Per.

"It’s an interesting test of how the market values design," said Peggy Lucas of the developer, Brighton Development. "There are so many condo units on the market that people are confused. We hope that this will ‘unconfuse’ them."

Yep – nothing clears the head better than a million dollar price tag.
ยท Glitzy, Ritzy Condo’s Planned For Minneapolis Riverfront [strib]

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