Curb Appeal Enthusiasm™: Blood in the Water Edition

by Alex Stenback on July 22, 2005

Now that the Chinese are controlling our interest rates, this might be a good weekend to find that new home.  In a hot real estate market, a price reduction is often the equivalent of blood in the water – the sellers are getting fatigued, or REALLY need to sell.  Here’s a few picks for all you property sharks out there – all have had price reductions in the last seven days.

18500_county_rd_618500 County Road 6, Plymouth
$845,000 | Sun 12-3 | Edina
Super-sized Cape Codder on Mooney Lake – really like the looks – bit of a busy road but we can deal.
Mission_bungalow5103 Garfield Avenue South, Minneapolis
$575,000 | Sun 1-3 | Edina
This mission bungalow is a repeat, but we really like it and they’ve cut the price, so it gets an exception.
1703_berkeley1703 Berkeley Avenue, St. Paul
$329,900 | Sun 12-3 | Edina
Very homey look and feel here – good woodwork and looks like perfect condition throughout.
Nokomis4445 Nokomis Avenue South, Minneapolis
$214,900 | Sun 12-4 | Edina
Pics make it look a little rough around the edges, but good location and tons of potential at this number.
4148_32nd_14148 32nd Avenue South, Minneapolis
$199,900 | Sun 3-5 | Edina
Once you get beyond the brutal blue, nice interiors, woods, etc. Paint is cheap, as far as home improvements go.

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