Curb Appeal Enthusiasm™: El Scorcho Edition

by Alex Stenback on July 15, 2005

Bring plenty of water, or one of these – it’s going to be hot.  Despite the heat, a good slate this weekend, as we’ve noticed sort of a mini-boom in new listing activity – for those that are trying to sell and/or buy a new home before the school year starts, now is the time to get active.  But before you write up an offer, make sure you don’t structure the deal like this Wisconsin Man [creep alert via The Smoking Gun]

1142_cedar_pass1142 Cedar Pass, Minnetonka
$1.495 | Sun 1-3 | Burnet
This number gets you "Twin Sub-Z’s" (the Owen Wilson Special) and an indoor hoops court.
3300_holmes13300 Holmes Avenue S., Minneapolis
$629,900 | Sun 1-4 | Burnet
Good looking renovation in Uptown, 3 blocks from Lake Calhoun.
1100_washburn1100 Washburn Avenue South
$424,900 | Sat & Mon 2-4 | Burnet
Landscaping needs a little work, but we do love the Tudor style here in underrated Bryn-Mawr.
1903_jefferson1903 Jefferson Avenue, St. Paul
$349,900 | Sun 2:30-4:30 | Burnet
Nice looking St. Paul 1 1/2 Story.  Interiors a little mixed, but great potential.
5640_12th_ave5640 12th Avenue South, Minneapolis
$269,900 | Sun 12-2 | Burnet
A house just like this is what the mind conjures when many people dream about their first home.  Love the itty-bitty dormers.
3252_lake_johanna3252 Lake Johanna Boulevard, Arden Hills
209,900 | Sat 11-1 | Burnet
At this number, in this neighborhood, you cannot go wrong.  Lots of potential, yard galore, and surprisingly well done interiors.

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