How NOT to Handle an Eviction Notice

by Alex Stenback on August 17, 2005

An obviously insane Eagan man faced with eviction struck upon a novel way to fight the system. He first declared himself a sovereign nation, "a "stateless man" and a member of a "band of insurgents" who live in Minnesota — a separate country within the United States – and then filed nearly $1 Million in bogus liens against the home of the judge and other officials who signed an eviction order. From the Pioneer Press (full article linked after the jump):

After Dakota County District Court Judge Thomas Lacy approved an eviction notice…Pomerenke allegedly retaliated with notices of his own. Claiming that his name was a trademarked title that had been used without his permission, Pomerenke mailed Lacy and two court workers written invoices charging them $300,000 apiece in damages…

The invoices, ignored by their recipients as the rantings of a lunatic, ultimately resulted in liens being placed against the officials homes and assets.  Predictably, the officials then had to go through all manner of legal gymnastics to restore their credit and remove the liens.

Though we will award points for creativity, and there is certain poetic justice to the way he marshalled the bureacracy against its own, we do wonder what exactly he was thinking.   This week, Pomerenke is probably wondering the same, as he stands trial on 14 felony counts of filing false documents, forgery, and harrassment.  Or maybe not:

Representing himself in court Monday, Kevin D. Pomerenke refused to cross-examine witnesses, review court evidence or participate in jury selection…

Sounds like the crazy isn’t over yet – sign us up for front row seats.
· Man on Trial Over False Liens [ req'd]

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