Lagoon Makeover: Greener, Shorter, 10% more fun!

by Alex Stenback on August 11, 2005

The Strib today reports on the new plan for the semi-controversial proposed development of the Lagoon Theater area, which was torpedoed over concerns about it’s height back in June.  Among the changes:

1. Shorter: Condo tower now 10 stories (rather than 13) and 112 feet high.
2. More Condos: 165 untits total.  Old plan had 112.
3. Less Office Space: 40,000 Square Feet, down from 100,000
4. Prices up: Start at 200k, top end over 1 million.
5. Livelier: Storefronts and condo entances to be added on Lagoon and Fremont

As always, a lively discussion will follow this topic over at the twincityscape message forum – one of the better sources we’ve found for news and debate on Twin Cities developments. Go check it out.
ยท A New Plan for Lagoon Theater Area [Strib]

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