Naming the ‘Nabes: Confusion in Minneapolis

by Alex Stenback on August 3, 2005

Yesterday, over at MNSpeak, a heated debate erupted over the names of Minneapolis’ neighborhoods.  Among the questions: Where exactly is south Minneapolis? Do you live in Ecco? Carag? Why is The Wedge not on any maps?

Hell if we know either, but the stakes are high and drama filled, with hints of government conspiracy and cries for reform.   After all, you might see Uptown as a trendy spot where suburbanites and North Dakotans relocate to "get urban," but some see an idea, a way of life, and a trail of tears, shattered dreams, and broken guitar strings:

"Uptown is not a real neighborhood but an imaginary region…where all of the musicians lived before the great decentralization of the 90′s"

[wipes away tear]
Head over and read the exciting conclusion, where socio-economic status, hipster credibility and Uptown’s very existence all hang in the balance.
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**UPDATE: Join the ‘nabe-naming action, right now, on today’s thread.
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For what it’s worth:
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Duane August 3, 2005 at 12:58 pm

I run into this sometimes too. Our agency is Northeast Realty, meaning Northeast Mpls, yet sometimes people ask about Nordeast, which seems to go into Columbia Heights, not only breaking the city limit barrier, but also taking us from Hennepin County to Anoka County!

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