Tuesday Linklube: Blogs, Burbs, and Core Burnout

by Alex Stenback on August 16, 2005

· At Home in The Blogs(coughwe’rementionedcough) [Strib]
· 39 Stories of Condo OK’d in Loring Park [skywaynews]
· ‘Burbwatch: Maple Grove Approves Housing Projects [sun-sailor]
· Airport Noise: MAC Buying Homes [bizjournals]
· Downtown Condo’s: Higher, Higher, Faster, Faster [pipress]
· St. Paul Solicits Bids for Target-Condos [bizjournals]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Core Burnout: 12,000(!) Abandoned Homes In Detroit [yahoo]
· Man Being Evicted from Undeground Home [KESQ.com]
Audio: Regulators Looking at Loan Quality [npr.com]
· Realtors Also Pushing Illegals Homeownership [houston chronicle]
· Insurance: Don’t Overlook These Add-Ons [bizjournals]
· Is it Time to Cash-In on Your Home? [msnmoney.com]

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