Curb Appeal Enthusiasm: End of Summer Edition

by Alex Stenback on September 2, 2005

For most of us, labor day weekend marks summer’s final flourish.  Kids head back to school, real estate activity slows, and we all start to gird ourselves for the long grind of winter.  That said, Fall is our favorite season, and there are normally more deals to be had as sellers face seasonal and holiday deadlines (who wants to move in the snow, or around Christmas, Thanksgiving, et al?)  From a curb appeal standpoint, the fall color palette on deep green grass beats any other, so there’s a lot to look forward to.  Here’s the picks for the weekend.

4644_upton14644 Upton Avenue South, Minneapolis|GMAP
$769,000 | Sat 12-2/Sun 1-3 | Edina
One short block from Lake Harriet puts a premium on this nicely done restoration.
5905_ivy15905 Ivy Lane, Minnetonka|GMAP
$529,900 | Sun 2-4 | Burnet
Good but not great from the curb, but the screen porch, yard, and pool get this one the nod.
4715_vincent14715 Vincent Avenue S., Minneapolis|GMAP
$424,900 | Sun 12-2 | Edina
Again, too clever interior painting, but aside from that, this looks near perfect. Love the paver/brick driveway.
3824_lyndale13824 Lyndale Avenue S., Minneapolis|GMAP
$339,900 | Sun 1-3 | Burnet
Prairie style stucco – wonderful, classic layout with great woods/built ins.  We like.
1296_hartford11296 Hartford Avenue, St. Paul|GMAP
$299,900 | Sun 1-3 | Edina
Tron was a decent movie, but lets leave the house out of it, m’kay?  Looks great otherwise, and a reasonable number for Highland Park.
3718_columbus13718 Columbus Avenue S., Minneapolis|GMAP
$194,900 | Sun 3-5 | Edina
The listing asks us to "imagine a mini-mansion," which may be a stretch, but we do like the looks and the number here.

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