Tuesday Linklube

by Alex Stenback on October 4, 2005

· 50th & France: From Arby’s to Condo/Retail in 17 Months [mnsun]
· Spicer MN: Condo Craze Hits Smallvile [MNSpeak]
· Eat Street: Log Cabin For Sale [Mpls Observer]
  *See also: Zen and The Art of Condos [MNSpeak]
· Condo Conversions Displace Renters? [CPblotter]
· Mpls Realtors: Hear No Bubble, See No Bubble, Speak No…[strib]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Freddie Mac CEO: High-End Housing Bubble Exists [marketwatch]
· Patent Fight Percolating Over Real Estate Mapping [red Herring]
· Short Square Footage Can Cost Big Dollars [latimes]
· If Housing Slumps, How Safe Are You? [Barry Ritholtz via MSNBC]

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