Brooklyn Park Targetville!

by Alex Stenback on November 17, 2005

Logotargetbullseye2 In a move sure to exercise the anti-Target, anti-corporate set, the World Beating Mega retailer has announced plans for a new, 2 Billion Dollar corporate campus in Brooklyn Park, according to the Twin Cities Business Journal.  The complex, billed by Target execs as "the best corporate campus ever," will include 8 million square feet of office space, 15,000 new employees, 2 Million Sq. ft. of retail space, two hotels and a whopping 3,000 "living units."

We’re talking all Target, all the time here folks:

Target plans to be master developer and have a say in all aspects of design, right down to the look of the street signs and the colors in the flower beds. "Our central goal in doing that is to control virtually everything that happens there," said John Griffith, Target’s executive vice president of property development.

Good News for Brooklyn Park, which has needed something, anything, for a long time.  The expansion begins in 2006, or 2007.
Target Exec Details $2B Expansion In Brooklyn Park []
UPDATE: Good thread on this over at MNSPEAK.

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