Hennepin County Adds Satellite Imagery to Property Records

by Alex Stenback on November 15, 2005

Thanks to a piece in the Southwest Journal, we were alerted to a subtle change to the Hennepin County tax information page – the addition of satellite imagery to property records.  Very cool.  According to the article:

The high-resolution images – taken from 5,000 feet up – are clear enough that you can make out toys in your backyard.  Hennepin County GIS official Scott Simmer said, “ Aerial views provide a degree of imagery that isn’t possible with a plat map. You can see how close a parcel may be to a burgeoning housing development, a lake or a park, or a less-desirable feature such as a factory or a landfill."

Have a few hours to kill? Write down every address you’ve had in Hennepin County and take a trip down memory Lane.  Though the generation-old interface leaves a little to be desired, it’s still a great tool, and generates a linkable url for each property ID (also cool). Heres’ how it works: After performing a normal property search through the link below, click on the "View Image" tab.  Be sure to select the "2004 aerials on" radio button, otherwise you’ll just get a badly drawn plat map.
· Hennepin County Tax Information/Map Page [hennepin.us]
· View Your House From 5,000 Feet Up [Southwest Journal]

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