Tuesday Market Commentary

by Alex Stenback on November 1, 2005

                                                         Graphic Courtesy MSNBC
Last Week
Interest rates, surprise, surprise, rose again last week, as the inflation vs. slowdown tug of war continued. Gross domestic product (GDP) came in stronger than expected, while consumer confidence weakened.
This Week
The Fed will hike short term interest rates by .25% today – simply a forgone conclusion.  This hike is, as they say, "baked in the cake" and will likely have little direct impact on mortgage rates.  As always, the comments released by the Fed board of governors will be vigorously parsed for signs of a change in Fed attitude – this CAN result in a volatile interst rate environment, and is worth watching. Personal income, outlays, ISM index (manufacturer sentiment), productivity, and factory orders, round out this weeks calendar.
ยท This Week’s Economic Calendar [Barron's]

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