Wednesday AM Linklube

by Alex Stenback on November 23, 2005

· MNSpeak (coughwhowesponsorcough) MSP Mag Best Blog [MSPMag]
· Something About Stormwater Fees Going Up in Mpls [metblogs]
· Condo’s Rise Over Liquor Depot? [skywaynews]
· At the Walker: Contemporary Pre-Fab Homes Exhibit [walkerart]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Hate Flash BUT: Architecture Flash Porn. Stunning. [15cpw via lileks]
· The Housing Market is Away. Please Call Back Later [infectious greed]
· Housing Bubble Insurance [slate] See Also: How to Short a House [bigpic]
· Fed Rumblings: Minutes Signal Shift in Thinking? [mortgagereports]
· Free Land, Any State. The Catch? One Square Inch [via grow-a-brain]

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