Monday Linklube

by Alex Stenback on December 12, 2005

· Tips to Condo & Townhome Buyers [PiPress]
· Trader Joe’s (grocery) Coming to St. Paul [PiPress]
· Home Buying Buddies [Strib]
· Strib LOVES Eminent Domain [Strib Ed.]
· Cities Suing MAC for Broken Promises [ThisWkonline]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Third Time a Charm? Congress Ponders PMI Tax Break [orlando sentinel]
· Baked-in-the-Cake: FED Will Raise Rates Tomorrow []
· Real Estate Roundup, WSJ Triple Play []
· BernankeWatch: Assertions Egotistical and Absurd [freemarketnews]
· The Truth About Capital One Credit Cards (el sucko) [mortgage reports]

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