Your Lawn is a Legume (and maybe evil.)

by Alex Stenback on December 20, 2005

Out at the vast (and slightly looney,) fringe of the green movement lie all sorts of strange concepts. But Edible Estates, a website put together to advocate replacing your barefoot grass with edible plants may be the most entertaining of the lot.  It’s all about taking the fight against the subversive, soul corrupting evil of the well-manicured lawn to the suburbs and cities:

The lawn divides and isolates us. It is the buffer of anti-social no-mans-land that we wrap ourselves with, reinforcing the suburban alienation of our sprawling communities. The mono-culture of one plant species covering our neighborhoods from coast to coast celebrates puritanical homogeneity and mindless conformity. Lawns cover 30 million acres of the United States while 349 million acres are used for crops.

Sounds a little humorless to us – who knew lawns were so serious? But hey, if an edible, alternative landscaping plan is your thing, head on over to the site, there’s lots of detailed instructions, how-to’s, videos, and even a couple of case studies.
Via: How To: Eat Your Lawn [inhabitat]
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