Blog if You Love Real Estate: CNN delivers the blog-love

by Alex Stenback on January 20, 2006

Hi! We’re Behind the Mortgage, and we’re still up to our necks in all the associated minutiae of shifting Behind the Mortgage headquarters into new digs. But we wanted to poke our heads out from beneath the pile of boxes and point out the article from on real estate blogs, which does a great job describing what real estate blogs bring to the marketplace.  Here’s the money quote:

"Normally, in real estate, most of the information available comes from
those representing the sale of properties," said [Alexis Palmer - Curbed]. "They have a
different agenda than the consumer."…[the brokers] provide quantitative
data about houses – square footage, number of rooms, etc – but don’t
tell you what the house is really worth. Bloggers can help fill that
niche with "qualitative information."

Blog if You Love Real Estate [money.cnn]

Once again, we’ll be back in full blogging swagger next week. Until then, stay tuned, and don’t miss Sunday’s Radio Show.
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