One & Done, Two & Through, or How Rude/We’re Screwed?

by Alex Stenback on January 6, 2006

This month’s non-farm payrolls report, which prints today at 8:30 EST is getting a little more attention than usual.  Between the conversational swirl around the flat/inverted yield curve, and the uncertainty about when, not if, the Fed will stop hiking rates, we could be set up for a wild ride as the market reacts to "the number."  Or, as Barry Ritholtz opines today, it may not matter:

My take on today’s Payroll numbers? Unless its a real outlier, I don’t believe it will matter all that much. Why?  Because the Fed is fighting at Calais, not Normandy.

Head over to the Big Picture for the rest of his excellent post (and a short WWII history lesson.)  Also, we’d like to point you over to the Mortgage Reports, where Dan Green (who’s blog just keeps getting better and better) gives us a great summary of how the market may react to the employment report.
· NFP and Operation Quicksilver [The Big Picture]
· All Eyes on Employment Friday [Mortgage Reports]

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