Tuesday Linklube: Catching Up Edition

by Alex Stenback on January 3, 2006

· Fixit: Light Switch Shocks Me, Is Something Wrong? [Strib]
· Why Nicollet Island Residents Have Sweetheart Tax Deal [PiPress]
· Eminent Domain Under Fire in Minnesota [PiPress]
· Cost to Heat Home Up 38%, Less Than Predicted [PiPress]
· Anoka: Big Mixed Use Development Planned [Anoka Union-Tribune]
· AG Hatch Seeks to Ban Credit Based Insurance Rates [TCBJ]
· 39 Story Loring Park Condo Proposal Clears Hurdle [Skywaynews]
· North Loop Condos Get Green Light [Skywaynews]
· Plymouth: Affordable Housing Development Planned [MNsun]
· Lyndale: ‘Le Parisien Condos’, Revised and Approved [SWJournal]
· South MPLS: Kingfield Condo Project looking Good [SWJournal]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Sitcom Style: Book Explores Culture of TV Homes [newsday]
· Wired Article on Pre-Fab Homes [wired]
· ABC News Pre-Fab Homes Piece [ABCNews]
· Master of the Art: Greenspan Farewell Piece [NYT]
· Don’t Buy Bubble Hype [smartmoney]
· Buying A Home Now is Less Expensive than the 80′s [NYT]

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Bridget January 3, 2006 at 1:22 pm

Alex, I’ve rented for almost 6 years on the island. My landlord pays almost $5,000 a year on her home (with two rental units in addition to her unit). It just doesn’t show up the Hennepin County assessor’s website. Not sure why. Souch gets an easy, no backround reseach, column out of ripping Phyllis. But there are 250 other people who live down here too. We aren’t all politcally connected.

Editor January 3, 2006 at 1:44 pm

Bridget – Thanks much for your comment – I’d like to find out where exactly this information is – seems odd that Hennepin county would not publish that info? If this is indeed the case I’d be more than willing to post documents supporting the tax bills and property assessments of as many residents as we can get to participate – we can call it a rebuttal, if you will.

Of course unless we know what your Landlord’s home is worth, it’s hard to judge whether or not this is reasonable or some sort of a sweetheart deal – any idea on this?

My sense of Soucheray is that he’d admit it if he were shown to be wrong here, but I must admit I am not a regular listener/reader.

So how about it? Anyone out there care to email us docs showing the true tax assessment of Nicollet Island properties, redact the owners names if you wish: alex@alexstenback.com

Alexis January 3, 2006 at 3:10 pm

Thanks for the Eminent Domain link. I’d forgotten about that controversy.

Editor January 3, 2006 at 4:15 pm

Don’t mention it.

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