Tuesday Linklube: Catching Up

by Alex Stenback on January 24, 2006

Yes, we know it’s sort of a cop-out to return to almost regular blogging with a link post.  More later as we re-emerge from office moving hell.

· Trends Reshaping Downtown Condo Market [DT Journal]
· Minneapolis Growing Faster Than Expected [DT Journal]
· Columbia Heights to Curtail Duplex Development [MNsun.com]
· Developers Circling the Ford Plant [PiPress]
· Ford Plant Spared, for Now [TCBJ]
· Sinkholes! In Woodbury! [Strib]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Fed Hints at End to Rate Hikes [cnn.money]
· By Far the Best Real Estate Search/Mashup [infectious greed]
· What if: Next Generation Repudiates Baby-Boom Debts [bloomberg]
· Home Equity Loans Fall Off the Cliff [bigpicture]
· Home Depot Home Loans [morningstar via lenderama]

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