Curb Appeal Enthusiasm™: Open House Picks

by Alex Stenback on February 3, 2006

This warm weather can’t last, but let’s enjoy it while we can (waiting for the wall, and ducking.)  A great weekend to get out and hit some opens.  Kind of a Northeast, first-time-buyer flavor to the picks this week. [Also, can we rant for a second on Burnet's "new" website, whose property search function has gotten worse, and does not work AT ALL in Firefox - this is why most of the picks are via Edina Realty]

1224 3rd Avenue South, Stillwater|GMAP
$419,000 | Sun 2-3:30 | Edina Realty
Historic restoration a little whimsical for our taste, but cool nonetheless.
2235 Benjamin Street NE, Minneapolis
$299,900 | Sun 1-3 | Edina Realty
Really like the way this little stucco bungalow looks from the curb. Interior clean, if a little mixed up.

2858 Garfield Avenue NE, Minneapolis|GMAP
$259,900 | Sun 1-3 | Edina Realty
Another cool little Northeast bungalow – great looking woods and details inside.  Wish it had the original Kitchen cabinets.
1236 Goodrich Avenue, St. Paul|GMAP
$250,000 | Sun 1-3 | Edina Realty
Kind of a funky little two story here, but we like it.  Interior looks open and nicely done.
5848 Sunrise Drive, Minneapolis|GMAP
$249,900 | Sun 12-2 | Edina Realty
Good from the curb, but the main floor layout is what sucked us in here.  Looks very open for the age.
2315 Cleveland Street NE, Minneapolis|GMAP
$197,900 | Sun 1-3 | Edina Realty
Smallish at 720 Square feet, but great looking millwork etc. Tough to do much better in NE at this number.

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brian February 6, 2006 at 10:46 am

Burnet has complete F###d up their search engine. AND, to make matters worse, it is unusable with any browser on a Mac. I’ve tried Opera, IE, Firefox, and Safari with no luck at all. Ridiculous that they didn’t do cross-platform testing for a major site revision. Did I mention that it’s uglier too?
What are they thinking?

Editor February 6, 2006 at 11:21 am

To quote one agent I talked to:

“Figures – I think the web developer is one of Ralph Burnet’s clueless buddies.”

Even funnier is that they are spending money on print advertising promoting their new “power search” technology.

If we gave away awards for dumb decisions in real estate, this would win in a walk.

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