Name That Condo™: Contest Update

by Alex Stenback on February 9, 2006

It’s been 43 hours since we launched the first annual Name That Condo contest (for those just joining us, We’re naming a condo conversion in Whittier, submit the winning entry, win a 2GB iPod Nano, etc.)

While we pore over the entries that have been flooding our inbox (submit yours via email), we thought it might be fun to share some of the, um, good tries.

Name: Hamsun Triad, after Knut Hamsun, 1920 Nobel Prize Winner, Literature.
Connection: "Lived in Minneapolis for some time"
Rejected Because: Sent Joseph Goebbels his Nobel prize medal as a gift, and called Hitler a "warrior for mankind."

Name: God I hate Condo’s [via MNSpeak]
Rejected Because:
Really, we’re trying to appeal to a broad demographic, and bringing God into it just doesn’t help matters.

Name: How I Lost my Ass in the Housing Bubble
Rejected Because:
  All together now: Lalalallalalalalalalalalalal(werenotlistening)lalalalalala

There’s more where these came from, and we’ll keep the updates flowing just as fast as our little eyeballs can sift through the entries – Keep ‘em coming folks – the contest ends in, like, less than two weeks.  Post below or email.

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