Real Estate Wunderkind, Condo-Converter, and More?

by Alex Stenback on February 6, 2006

MNSpeak posts today on the latest in an impressive run of media mentions/features for reigning Uptown condo conversion king Clark Gassen.  Gassen, president of Financial Freedom Realty, was the subject of a New York Times piece from Sunday detailing his exploits and some of the controversy that has surrounded his condo conversions in the Twin Cities.

It’s a decent read, and for all we know of Clark Gassen (we’ve never met him, nor anyone who’s had anything negative to say about him) he’s a great guy and better businessman, and does good work, so we’ll reserve any judgement – but the post at MNSpeak takes an immediate turn for the worse for Mr. Gassen when the commenters jump in with first hand allegations (many ridiculous on their face) of less than straight dealings.  Ouch. Clark needs a blog.
· He Who Makes You Urban []
· Creating Condo’s and Controversy [NYT]

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