You Heard it Here First: Sexton II Condos Clear Hurdle

by Alex Stenback on March 3, 2006


You heard it here first.  The second phase of the Sexton Condo project has obtained unanimous approval, from, bear with us, the Building Land Use Committee (BLU) of the Elliot Park Neighborhood, Inc.  If you haven’t been following, Sexton II (pictured above) is a brand new 25 story condominium project, which will have roughly 193 units on 12 residential floors, and have prices starting in the low $140′s. 

For those worried about the condo-building boom, Michael Roess of, who will be marketing this project, (and you might remember from The Whitney Tour) makes this point:

"Despite all the hand wringing about condo construction, the [downtown] population is growing, and almost no inventory exists at this price point now – it is an underserved market, and we’re trying to bring more affordable housing downtown."

Of course, there’s still a few bureaucratic hurdles to jump and rings to kiss, but this basically means the project is a go.  Word on the street is that Downtown Journal will be running a full story on this Monday (scooped!)

[Full Disclosure: We were part of the team that presented the final proposal for approval to the BLU committe of EPNI]

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Derrick Shields March 6, 2006 at 12:57 am

Awesome project, good to see more entry-level options available for Minneapolis.

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