ZipRealty: Zip-Zip-Zipping into Town

by Alex Stenback on March 21, 2006

Does the idea of hiring a ZipAgent, who after you’ve Zipped around the internet looking at online listings will pick you up in their
ZipCar to ZipAround town and look at some Zippy new homes, then Zip through the paperwork and then when its all over and the house is yours UnZip their wallet and give you a wad of cash back, appeal to you?  Then this is your lucky day.

ZipRealty, a publicly traded internet based real estate broker is set to launch in the Twin Cities this summer, according to a press release from March 17th.  We’ve also confirmed this with at least one local agent who will be directly involved with Zip’s launch, but shall remain nameless for now.

As suggested above (aren’t we clever?), Zip uses a 20% commission rebate as its main hook – claiming that this is possible because of something called "the internet" which somehow makes business more efficient (who knew?).  From their Mission Statement:

ZipRealty, Inc. provides home sellers and buyers with an innovative
real estate solution. By using the efficiencies of the Internet, we
have streamlined the real estate process and are able to pass
significant savings on to our clients.

The 20% rebate is a nice touch, and will add still more competitive heat for the big-name brokers in town, all chasing a seemingly shrinking pool of buyers.  We’ll stand by to file regular updates on the catfight. Meeow.
· ZipRealty set for Mid-Summer Twin Cities Launch [yahoo]
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