Foreclosures & Crime Make for a Bad Mix in North Minneapolis

by Alex Stenback on April 25, 2006

WCCO reports yesterday on North Minneapolis, where a combination of crime and a high foreclosure rate (North Minneapolis accounts for 1/3 of all foreclosures in the state) have some worried about the health of the neighborhood.  As owner occupants sell to escape the area, they are often replaced by a less than desireable element – from the article:

…someone with mysterious money who couldn’t get a house somewhere else,"
said Minneapolis city councilmember Don Samuels who represents the 5th
ward. The people with money often have a criminal record.

Fix the crime and the neighborhood will follow seems to us the simplest solution, if North Minneapolis is ever to turn the corner.  Right now it is without question the least desireable neighborhood in the Twin Cities.
· Hennepin County Foreclosures Have Some Worried []

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John Smith April 25, 2006 at 8:03 pm

Mayor Rybek has done it again; After dozens of shootings he is finally doing something. He is going to redevelop the North Side.
Here is the problem the officers are working while the criminals are sleeping from a very successful night. They are issuing speeding tickets, stopping cars and driving the city streets every morning, this will help them for day light criminals. But what about the crack and crystal meth dealers, hookers working at 2 AM are still safe. Maybe if the Mayor and chief Nolan lived in North Minneapolis things would change.
I wonder why it is that a person gets shot in Uptown and Downtown and the police patrols increased quickly and dramatically and they get the guardian angels to help patrol the streets a group of people working with the police to help control crime and the police are supporting them. Is it because that is closer to home for the Mayor? Is Uptown more important? I think the reason is that the Mayor and the Police are afraid to come out and Play in North Minneapolis. They would fill up the jail if they did.
Most of the people living in North Minneapolis are good honest hard working people. They don’t have tons of money to get people elected, or they can’t take time off of work to protest every time the city and elected officials misbehave. The neighborhood groups on the North side have been looking to work with the police for 10 years, hundreds of people have tried, yet because we are not a priority things have not changed.
I am a White man that lives in Minneapolis and I hear on a regular basis the reason the city does not care is African Americans are not important to the liberal left until its election time. Then they tend to care but only about the black vote. I used to think they were crazy, after living here for the last 5 years, I see they may be correct. Hundreds of young black people have died on these streets and nothing has been done to stop it. A white man in uptown, not even from Minnesota get shots and killed and they get more police and better neighborhood protection. A well to do white man from Eden Prairie Minnesota gets shot in downtown Minneapolis and 30 officers respond most of which were off duty. There have been 2 dozens shootings and murders in North Minneapolis that did not even make the news. When my neighbor was shot it took them 30 minutes to even show up, then 3 officers showed up not even enough to control the crime scene. To date no arrest has been made and my neighbor did live but she also moved. She was one of the lucky ones.
To all black people in Minneapolis I have to ask why you keep voting for the evil Democrats of the world, they disrespect you and your families and they have yet to keep a promise to you. If black people in Minneapolis mattered to the city council and the mayor of Minneapolis all of whom are democrats then 30 officers would show up every time a young black person is shot on our city streets. We are now stuck with them for another 3.5 years. Maybe the people of Minneapolis will learn next time. IF things continue the way they are going then only 200 more African Americans will die on these streets before it changes. It sad that it will take that many people dieing in vain because the people in the city of Minneapolis have not figured out that The evil Democrats in Minneapolis only care about them once every 4 years!

John Gall April 25, 2006 at 9:11 pm

I’m still amazed however every time I look at the price of a home in North Minneapolis I can’t believe they still charge that much for homes in such an undesireable neighborhood.

Malthaus April 27, 2006 at 3:07 pm

So wait… it takes a few foreclosures for people to realize that the neighborhood is in trouble? Once banks and investors start losing money, that’s when neighborhood health matters? Something seems very wrong here.

I only partially agree with John, whereas I don’t think that playing the blame game with city officials is the correct response. I do, however, feel that it will take substantial external support or even intervention to remedy the situation.

Stopleftwingnuts April 28, 2006 at 9:06 pm

Malthus, outsiders will not get involved and that should not have to. Property taxes have gone up 45% in 4 years. That was do to cuts in LGA to maintain services that were necessary yet we are still not safe. I have a suggestion though, we should have the entire Minneapolis City council move into the 2 worst neighborhoods in Minneapolis then they have to stay there and use public transportation until we go 21 days with out gun being fired in that neighborhood then they can go home, my guess is they would live there for about 1 year then they could fix the problem.

Just a thought!~

although that many democrats in one place will kill property values so either way we are screwed

Ed Kohler April 29, 2006 at 4:25 pm

A system that doesn’t offer assistance on a less than $1000/mo mortgage, but does on a $1500/mo lease of the same property is seriously broken.

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