Woodbury Sucking Wind: 5th Worst Appreciation in the Nation

by Alex Stenback on April 10, 2006


Woodbury, just a few years ago, was the darling of the suburban growth scene in the Twin Cities – lots of appreciation, increasing in population, etc. In fact,  Woodbury was the leading growth city during the 1990′s, and had the fifth highest growth through 2003.

Today, things aren’t so rosy for old Woodbury, at Least according to Forbes magazine/MSN who point out that Woodbury is now one of the five worst places to own a home in the country.  That’s right, the country.  That’s because from 2003-2005, the median sales price in Woodbury DROPPED 16.2%. Ouch. [Ed. Note - the average sales price appears to have climbed over this same period, so it may not be quite as bad as this report would suggest]

· The Best and Worst Places to Buy a Home [msn.com]

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Ed Kohler April 11, 2006 at 9:24 am

Why live in Woodbury when you can live in Maple Grove? I assume Maple Grove is cheap, has the same wonderful chain restaurants, and is only a short jaunt from Albertville for outlet shopping that puts Woodbury’s to shame.

Jen April 14, 2006 at 8:38 am

I live in Woodbury and Forbes is looking into their release of this information because Woodbury actually has an appreciation of 16.5%, not -16.2%

Also, Maple Grove is no where near as nice as Woodbury. Woodbury has more shopping, dining, better schools, more parks and trails, you name it – we have it. Maple Grove is far from cheap too.

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