Blogs: The Future of Real Estate Journalism?

by Alex Stenback on May 2, 2006

Are Blogs the future of real estate journalism?  Professor Chris Roush of the University of North Carolina thinks so, according to an article by Jessica Swesey of Inman news, who was kind enough (hat tip) to include a link to Behind The Mortgage in the piece.  Here’s a quote:

"Blogging is where real estate reporting should be headed," said
Roush, author of "Show Me the Money," a book on business reporting. Roush makes an important point that to a professional reporter,
blogging is no different than traditional journalism. Blogging should
involve gathering facts, checking those facts and blogs should be
overseen by editors.

With respect to the good professor, we think he kind of misses the boat in his position that good blogging should require editors and rigorous fact checking, just like traditional journalism.  What makes blogs work, is that they are able to tap into the conversational swirl, and enlist readers in the hunt for facts about a particular story, even if it started out as a rumor or tip.  Bottom-up (rather than top-down) reporting is always more engaging – there’s a little bit of a rumor-monger in all of us.  The moment a blog gets shackled by the conventions of standard journalism, it becomes just that, standard journalism.
ยท Blogs Spell Future for Real Estate Journalism [Inman via Mortgages-Magazine]

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