How To: Sell in a Soft Market

by Alex Stenback on May 2, 2006

BusinessWeek online runs a piece with some solid tips on how to sell a home in a slowing market.  We’ve summarized the high points below, but it is worth a read, because the tips go beyond the "Stage It" and "Price it Correctly" bromides that are usually trotted out for this topic.

1. Know Your Neighborhood: Don’t over upgrade, check out recent sales.
2. Consider Market Trends: If prices are falling, don’t pour money in.
3. Light it Up: Look good for the nighttime drive-buy-buyers.
4. Roll Up Your Sleeves: CLEAN, replace, repair, paint.
5. Remodel Wisely: It is very hard to get your money out.

We’d also add this: Hire a Photographer, or have your agent do so.  Online listings are the new open house, and if your home does not have GREAT pictures online (and lots of them), you are just killing yourself.  That is all.
ยท Selling Your Home in Trickier Times [BW-Online]

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