Rating Realtors Online: AgentLine & Homethinking

by Alex Stenback on May 4, 2006

An email the other day from the folks at Agentline.com announcing the beta launch of their website (as well as Brownstoner’s similar new platform) got us thinking about online ranking engines for Realtors.  After a little digging, we were suprised to find a couple of players (both in beta) in this arena that have coverage of Minnesota Realtors.

AgentLine.com: Consumer reviews of an agent with whom they’ve had verifiable experience.
Good: Clean look/interface, simple concept.
Needs Work: Absurdly long list of cities makes navigation hard. 

Homethinking.com: Consumer rankings + agent data (homes sold, listed, etc.)
Good: Dig the "web 2.0" flavor and historical data.  With maps!
Bonus: Glengarry Glen Ross reference.
Needs Work: Historical data is wildy innaccurate.

An obvious problem for these platforms is the potenial for abusive and/or puffed up reviews – though both seem to have a fairly thorough system to weed out hatchet swingers. Realtors, readers, etc. Love it? Hate it? Fear it?
· AgentLine [agentline.com]
· Homethinking [homethinking.com]

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Tonja Deegan May 5, 2006 at 9:54 am

Thanks for your comments! Every review is validated via email before going live. We also have a staff that reviews any questionable comments, as well as a dispute resolution process.
The cities list is long for each state. You can also search for a specific city in the search form vs. clicking on the map.

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