Tuesday Mid-Day Linklube

by Alex Stenback on May 23, 2006

· Strib on Condo’s: Part I and Part II [startribune.com]
· Edina: 17 Story Condo for Centennial Lakes [startribune.com]
· Top Ten Changes to Save $500.00/Mo [PiPress.com]
· Downtown Development Roundup [DTJournal]
· Homeowners: 10 Days to Remove Graffiti [DTJournal]
· NIMBY! Golden Valley Vs. The Luge [mnsun.com]
· Super Sized: Teardown’s in SW Minneapolis [SWJournal]
Elsewhere & Otherwise
· Inflation is Worse Than You Think [bigpicture.com]
· Talbot: Noted Housing Bear [businessweek.com]
· When NOT to Schedule a Closing [mortgagereports]
· FICO vs. Fake-O Credit Scores [Matrix]

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