True Life: Surviving (barely) a Condo Conversion

by Alex Stenback on June 29, 2006

It’s no secret that over the past five-odd years, the Twin Cities have seen a tremendous amount of rental housing converted to condos.  This has, on the balance, been a good thing for our housing market – adding affordable inventory, and keeping ownership accessible as prices have risen some 70% since 1999.

That said, living through a condo conversion can range from mildy irritating to, in the case of local blogger fiveoclockbot, an utter nightmare, complete with rashes, noxious fumes, and even an encounter with a Tammy Faye lookalike.  His account (linked below) is simultaneously hilarious, vitriolic, and helpful in a don’t-let-this-happen-to-you sort of way.  It is also a little, um, frank, so if you are easily offended by words, just stick with the following excerpt, which we’ve doctored for those with delicate sensibilities:

[In Minnesota] Tenants must be given a proper, written Notice of Condo Conversion…In my case, my
"notice" was a knock on the door from a [redacted, rhymes with "ditch"] named Denise [redacted]. A
large woman who wore stretch pants everyday, she informed me that they
were going to begin construction immediately and hoped to be done in
two months. My little [redacted, think "cubic fecal matter container", usually cardboard] was going to be sold for $139,000.

See also the post/discussion over at MNspeak, linked below, which is where we cribbed the link from in the first place.
· My Experience Renting from Irving Properties [fiveoclockbot]
· Bad Landlords We Have Known []

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jim July 14, 2006 at 8:45 am

Has anyone ever done an article about the shit we put up with on the other end? The nasty notes etched or sharpied into the walls, the keying of cars, the hate mail, physical threats, etc? Um, and that is to the messenger, not the developer.

I agree know your rights. But if you are goign to retaliate, take aim on the right person!

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