Crappy Bank Shenanigans Roundup

by Alex Stenback on October 4, 2006

Cartoon Courtesy of Hugh Mcleod/

Over at the highly entertaining consumerist, (which if you aren’t familiar is like a massive public airing of consumer grievances and catalog of the vagaries of dealing with crappy customer service) they’ve been on a roll in outing bad banking behaviors, so we’ve linked some of the best/worst below.

Consumerist Bad Banking Roundup:
· WaMu Snookers with Scary Letter
· Suck My Pricematch, Chase Bank
· Be Billed for Paying Off Your Bills with BoA’s Magic Trailing Interest
· WAMU’s Friendly Layout Gets Customer Robbed
· Pay Pal will Still Screw you, But Less Obtusely
· Clark Howard Attacks BoA for Jailing Customer

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