Looking Ugly, AND, a Unique Approach to Shared Equity

by Alex Stenback on November 13, 2006

Wow.  You know things have been quiet around here when the front page only shows a single post.

Though we haven’t the time to get back to our twice-daily routine quite yet, the sheer ugliness of our home page has inpsired us to get a little something up.  So, behold the story over at David Smith’s AHI Blog (one of our faves) that describes the brilliant and very profitable new "equity sharing" arrangement that is all the rage in Florida.  From the original Article in the TC Palm:

The pitch went something like this: relocate to Port St. Lucie, get
free financing on a home in your name and have most of your expenses
paid for two years. The catch? You have to agree to spend that time
growing, harvesting and packaging marijuana for sale.

Brilliant and profitable, as Mr. Smith Says, in his signature wonky style:

In pure economic terms, the scheme is brilliant: Easily replicable, practically franchisable, low-tech, low-risk, and with the incentives aligned.

…except for the fact that it is also highly illegal, may induce paranoia, and cause weight gain from constant snacking.

Just when you though the real estate market in Florida couldn’t get any higher (yuk, yuk)
How High is Up? [AHI: David smith]

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