Friday Blind Item: Real Estate Agent Cuffed and Stuffed by FBI?

by Alex Stenback on April 13, 2007

Friday Blind Item is our new feature, which we will run at least once, (or maybe a lot, depending on how bad the real estate fraud problem gets) wherein we air-out some *semi-substantiated (though well-sourced) real estate rumor-mill fodder for our readers to digest, without naming names.  We won’t name names because: 1. We don’t want to be sued 2. Our sources aren’t always THAT great (but sometimes they are.) 3.  This isn’t Gawker. 

*If and/or when a blind item hits the actual press, we will post an update and claim all credit. Oh, and also, no naming names in the comments, or we will delete you.  Mmmkay?  Now, behold the underbelly of the Twin Cities Real Estate Market. Blind Item Tips to: behindthemortgage /at/

  What prominent, high rolling (love those rims baby!) Lake Minnetonka dwelling (whose domicile is actually owned by another prominent Minnesota business-person) real estate agent was recently visited by the FBI and involuntarily separated from his or her office (in handcuffs,) along with spouse, last week?

Or so we’ve heard…

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